Yet Another Active Dog Breeds


Don’t be deceived by their coiffed curly coats. Every size of poodle enjoys plenty of activity from running to walking and even swimming. Standard poodles are active an average of 70.51 minutes a day.

poodle photo


This versatile breed loves to run and needs at least an hour of serious exercise each day. It also has the energy and stamina to keep up with any kind of runner and would love sprinting off-leash. Even as they age, they will remain active and energetic.

Viszla photo

Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Four short legs definitely don’t hold these pups back. They are strong, athletic dogs that are always up for running around or working. Legend has it that the corgi pulled fairy carriages and worked fairy cattle. No wonder Queen Elizabeth II is such a big fan.

corgi photo

Shetland Sheep Dogs

Shelties have strong herding instincts. Today, that translates into lots of energy they will need to run off in a safe area. As long as they get regular exercise, they are content living in the city and will adapt to their family’s routine.

shetland sheep dog photo

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