The tastiest fast food items you can get for $1 or less

There was a time—a glorious time—when pretty much all fast food items in America were less than $1.

In 1955, for example, a hamburger at McDonald’s would set you back a mere 15 cents. If you wanted to splurge on a side of fries, you’d be looking at another 10 cents. Throw in 20 cents more and you could wash the whole thing down with a shake.

More of a Burger King fan? Well, if it was 1957 and you had 37 cents to spare, you could have yourself a Whopper. Or, if you were hankering for In-N-Out and it was 1948, you could score a burger for a paltry 25 cents.

Fast food prices have come a long way (in the upwards direction) since the golden age of the 15-cent burger. That said, even in 2018—the era of $7 lattes and $20 eight-hour parking—cheap, quick, and greasy eats can be found for less than $1. To help you hunt down some quick and wallet-friendly cuisine, we’ve rounded up the tastiest fast food items you can get for $1 or less.

Keep in mind: these prices may vary by location.

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