The Most Active Dog Breeds

There are nearly 200 dog breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club, and many more combinations when you include mixed pups. Each one comes with a very unique personality and different needs. So before you fall in love with a furry face at the local shelter, it’s important to do your research. Because while some breeds are generally perfectly content to laze away the day, others are constantly itching to get a move on.

Here are the most active dogs, in no particular order, according to breed history, American Kennel Club information and recent data collected from Whistle—a GPS and activity-tracking dog collar. Have an active lifestyle? Consider one of these breeds, and get ready to hit all your step-counting goals.

Belgian Malinois

These hardworking herding dogs are happiest when they’re on the move and at their owner’s side. Daily walks won’t cut it; they need to be running, hiking and more with their favorite humans. They are active an average of 102.86 minutes a day according to Whistle.

Belgian Malinois photo

2. Dalmatians

The Dalmatian is known for its endurance, speed and intelligence. They were bred as coach dogs so they could follow horse-drawn carriages and keep up with the horses. As a result, they are excellent companions for long-distance runs. If they don’t get enough activity, they will quickly turn to mischief making in order to expend pent-up energy.

dalmatian photo

3. Russell Terriers

The energizer bunnies of the dog world, these tireless pups are small but mighty. They have a seemingly unending supply of energy. They will easily keep up with the most active families on all outdoor adventures..

russell terrier photo

4. Siberian Husky

Bred as sled dogs, these dogs have incredible endurance and love running. They also don’t mind the cold, since they originally came from northeast Asia.

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