See What Happens When You Try to Take a Selfie With a Cat

Ugh, here we go again

This cat is my spirit animal. This is how I react to taking a selfie as well – I just give up and go on with it. This cat is obviously not a fan of confrontations like some previous cats on my list. He understands that it is easier to just take a selfie and not complain about it. However, that doesn’t mean that he has to be happy about it, which this photo clearly shows.

Grow up, hooman

Yes, this is not a selfie, but this photo is just so damn cute that I had to include it on my list. It just shows perfectly how my cat would react if I was obsessed with taking his picture. Luckily for him, I feel the same way, which is why I only have a few photos of him. All of them I took while he was sleeping, of course. I don’t want to get this look from him as well.

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