See Another Low-Energy Dog Breeds You Can Be Lazy With

If playing hours of fetch isn’t your idea of fun, these dogs are for you.


A small pup that can live nearly 20 years, if you adopt a Maltese you’ll find a devoted friend. They are described as very intelligent, perfect for apartment dwellers and people who also own cats, according to Vet Street. The site also calls the breed “a super therapy dog.” However, they do like to bark and will require some intense grooming at times, thanks to that luscious fur.

maltese dog photo

French Bulldog

“Frenchies” were bred to be companions, and if you want a low-key dog that can fit on your lap, they are a solid choice. They hardly bark, are very friendly but don’t need much exercise and, according to Animal Planet, will make you laugh with their bat ears and snorting. French bulldogs have become quite popular in the U.S. in recent years but are still quite expensive because the mothers are unable to give birth naturally — they need cesarean sections to deliver their pups.

French Bulldog photo

Scottish Deerhound

This tall, wiry-haired doggy will certainly stick out if you take it to a crowded dog park! Scottish deerhounds do need room to run in the backyard but are relatively low-energy dogs, given their build. At home, they have “a quiet and dignified personality,” according to the American Kennel Club.

Scottish Deerhound photo

Great Pyrenees

If you want a big, fluffy pup who doesn’t have a ton of energy, you should look into adopting a great Pyrenees. They are described by Animal Planet as medium-energy, natural guardians who instinctively nurture animals that are young or hurt. How sweet is that? They are mellow, patient with kids and don’t need a lot of exercise or playtime. They do like to bark and can’t handle hot weather, though.

Great Pyrenees photo

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