Rustic Italian Tortellini Soup Will Keep You Full And Warm This Winter

Hearing the pasta tortellini reminds me of a funny story. I have a friend whose nickname is Torte. It’s very far from his original name. In fact, it isn’t his chosen nickname. We used to call him Will, short for William, his second name. But that changed when we were invited to their vacation home and we met his mother. Will’s Mom loves pasta so much.

She knows every pasta recipe there is in addition to her knowing all the pasta types! My pasta type knowledge is limited to spaghetti, fettuccine, linguine, angel hair, bow, penne, and macaroni. And she knows about, what, a hundred perhaps?

When she accidentally calls her son Torte in front of us, Will’s nickname problem begins. Will’s mother initially wants to name all of her children with pasta names. Will’s father just managed to talk her out of it.

His younger brother didn’t get to be so lucky though. His name is Bow. Well at least it isn’t Linguine or Fettucine. Will was supposed to be Tortellini.

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