Pita Pizzas

The 5-Minute Snack You MUST Know How To Make

If you’re anything like me you probably have an ongoing love affair with pizza.

I literally could eat pizza every single day. I love, love, love pizza! One good thing about my obsession with pizza is that I like it in many different ways. i don’t limit myself to just pepperoni or ham and pineapple, which are two of my favorite pies. I enjoy experimenting with different flavors, crusts, and methods. Even though deep dish is my all-time favorite crust style this recipe for appetizer pizza has definitely won over my heart.

What you do is very simple and anyone can master the fine art of making this pita pizza. You cut up pita bread into triangles so that they resemble slices of pizza. Cute, eh? Then, you cover them in pizza sauce, cheese, and a variety of your favorite toppings.

Pop those little babies into the oven and wait for your magical appetizer to appear within moments. I like to serve pita pizza with ranch dressing or marinara sauce for dipping. Tasty!

I think these little pita pizzas are the perfect appetizer for those Sunday afternoon football games. My husband and his buddies are big eaters so I am always trying to figure out new recipes that I know they will love when watching the big game. These pita pizzas will do the trick but I think I’ll have to make about a dozen of them! I like that you can top these yummy pizzas with whatever you want.

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