Low-Energy Dog Breeds You Can Be Lazy With

If playing hours of fetch isn’t your idea of fun, these dogs are for you.

When it comes to choosing the right dog, knowing yourself can be as important as anything. Some people may be in need of a pup that has energy to spare and is able to keep his human active all the time — but others just want a furry friend they can chill with on the sofa.

If that sounds like you, we’ve rounded up a list of some of the most low-energy dog breeds you can invite into your home. Of course, all pups need to get some exercise every day but these dogs won’t wear you out.


These big, fluffy beauties can grow to be 150 pounds, but they are known to be laid-back, sweet-tempered softies. In fact, “Newfies” are so sweet, they’ve been dubbed a “nanny dog” for kids by the American Kennel Club. Perhaps the only drawback to these pups is that they drool like crazy and have a tendency to sling it everywhere.

newfoundland dog photo

Basset Hound

These sweet, short pups are well known for being laid-back and easy to train. According to Animal Planet, basset hounds are low-energy dogs that are extremely patient with kids and anyone else who tries to annoy them. But if you want a quiet house, you might want to consider another breed, because they have a reputation for being talkative.

basset hound photo

Saint Bernard

Anyone who watched “Beethoven” back in the day probably thinks of Saint Bernards as a breed that can be a handful. But in real life, they are known for being intelligent and patient. The American Kennel Club calls them “gentle giants” and, like Newfies, considers them a great “nanny dog.” Of course, keep in mind that they can grow to be nearly 200 pounds and are known to have a loud bark and drooly mouths.

saint bernard photo

Great Dane

Another big pup that’s totally lovable and laid-back, the “Apollo of Dogs” looks intimidating but is about as sweet as they come. Great Danes are described as “easygoing” and “a total joy to live with” by the American Kennel Club, which ranks it as one of its most popular breeds. When standing on their back legs, these pups are taller than most people. So if you want a dog that will frighten potential intruders but will be a calm sweetie, this is a great choice.

great dane photo

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