Here’s What It Means When Your Cat Rubs Against Your Feet (+49 Other Strange Cat Behaviors)

Cat’s behavior seems totally random to us, but there is a method to the madness. There is actually a reason for most of the things your cat does. As owners learn more about these behaviors and their significance, they will be able to grow even closer to their favorite pets. Here is what it means when cats do certain things.

1) Sprint and Jump

This is definitely a weird one to watch. Your cat might run up to the edge of a high surface only to jump off. This is perfectly natural. Cats’ ancestors in the wild had to jump down from trees all the time, so the action doesn’t phase them.

2) Low Meow

This sound is not so cute. Cats release low meows when they are irritated or ready to defend themselves. When you hear this noise, be extra attentive to your cat.

3) Kneading

Cats learn to knead when they are very young; it stimulates milk production in their mother’s breast. Even when the cat gets older, kneading is comforting to them. If your cat kneads you, it means he feels comfortable around you.ADVERTISEMENT

4) Uncovered Poop

Cats can actually clean up after themselves most of the time. But when they leave their poop uncovered, it is for a reason. Your cat is expressing anger, usually with his owner. If you keep finding uncovered poops, you may have some issues to resolve with your cat.

5) Twitchy Ears

Hopefully you don’t see this one too often. When a cat twitches his ears, it means he is agitated or feeling anxious. Back off and give your cat space. He will come around.

6) Staring With An Open Mouth

This one looks bizarre, but it does have a reason. Sometimes a cat will open his mouth to smell out of the roof of his mouth, especially when the scent is too complex for his nose. This is known as “Flehming.”

7) Little Meows

Soft, sweet meows are a cat’s way of saying hello. If you are hearing these sounds, it means your cat is happy to see you.

8) Chattering

Cats definitely have ways of expressing dissatisfaction with a situation. They might chatter when they are frustrated about not getting their way. This is sort of the cat way of throwing a hissy fit.

9) Laying On Stuff

Cats love attention. If your cat feels ignored, he may try to get in the way so that you are forced to pay attention to him. He might lay across your keyboard or on top of the book you are reading. Anything to get you to look at him.

10) Laying On Your Chest

This one is a huge compliment. Cats like to lay on their owner’s chests because they are warm and they can feel their human’s heart beating. This is a sign that your cat feels totally at ease with you.

11) Random Leaps

[/slideshow]Cats love to leap, and they will do so at random times. If your cat is jumping around the room, it is because he has extra energy to burn. Once he is done exercising, he will be ready to rest again.

12) Hissing or Growling

You probably don’t have to be told that this is a bad sign. When a cat is hissing or growling, he is very grumpy and wants to be left alone. The best thing you can do is walk away.

13) Arching Their Back

If your cat lays down next to you and starts to stretch, it means he is looking for your attention. The cat is letting you know that this would be the perfect time to snuggle.

14) Howling

This is a clear sign of distress. Your cat may be in pain, or he may be upset because he hasn’t seen you in a while. If your cat has not been fixed, this may also be a mating call.

15) Purring

Purring is actually relaxing to a cat. Not only will a cat purr when it is comfortable, but cats will also purr to make themselves more comfortable. A purring cat is a happy cat.

16) Twitchy Tail

If the tip of your cat’s tail is twitching, he is excited and focused. This is usually the case when he is hunting. Let your cat capture his prey, and he will calm back down.

17) Drooling

Just like in humans, a cat may drool as a sign of affection. This doesn’t happen with every kitty, but if your cat is drooling he is definitely in love with you.

18) Curling Up With You

Cats love their cuddles. If your cat curls up next to you on the couch, he is showing you love and affection. Show the love back for an even stronger connection with your cat.

19) Presents

Your cat may try to bring you presents, although they won’t be the kind you want. Your cat recognizes that you are providing for the family and wants to help out. So when he brings you a dead mouse, he thinks he is helping prepare dinner.

20) Following You Everywhere

If your cat is in love with you, he will never want to leave your side. He will follow you into every room and sit next to you at every seat. Enjoy the attention while you can.

21) Grumpy When You Leave The House

If your cat gets an attitude every time you leave, it is because he never wants to let you go. Your cat sees you as the leader of the pack, and he wants to spend the whole day by your side.

22) Excited When You Return

When you return home from a long day, your cat will be bouncing off the walls. This is because he is so excited to see you. Spend quality time with your cat; he will appreciate it.

23) Exposing Their Belly

A cat’s belly is his most vulnerable part. If he exposes it to you, it means he trusts you completely. It is also a sign that your cat wants affection.

24) Bunting

This is when your cat repeatedly bonks his head into you. It may seem strange, but this is your cat’s way of saying, “I love you.” Just think of it as a way of trying to get attention.

25) Scratching Your Chair

Cats need to scratch so that their claws don’t get too long. But if your cat insists on scratching wherever you are, it is all about you. He can’t stand that you might have something to think about other than him.

26) Approaching You With A Straight Tail

This is definitely not how a cat naturally walks. If your cat’s tail is sticking straight up, it means he is excited. He is probably super happy to see you and wants to spend more time with you.

27) Love Bites

Cats like to play, and it is in their nature to play hunting games for sport. Your cat might gently swipe at you or give you little love bites. As long as they are small and controlled, your cat is just trying to be playful.

28) Meowing

If your cat is meowing continuously, he wants to be heard. Maybe you haven’t petted him in a while, or maybe he is just being selfish with your love. Whatever the case may be, your cat wants your complete focus.

29) Fur Sticking Out

There are two reasons for your cat’s fur to stick out. The first could be that he feels threatened or frightened. But if no threat is present, your cat is just extra excited to see you. How sweet.

30) Tail Curled

If your cat’s tail is curled at the end, it means that he is happy. Your cat doesn’t have a care in the world, except maybe when you will pet him next.

31) Low Tail

If your cat’s tail is straight and low, this means he feels scared or guilty. Look around the room for a mess; your cat may be ashamed of his previous actions. If your cat is feeling frightened, be sure to behave gently and sweetly.

32) Lowering Tail

If your cat’s tail starts high and straight and then lowers, this is a sign of grief. Your cat feels afraid and is in need of comfort. As the cat owner and leader, it is your job to make sure your kitty feels secure.

33) Big Eyes

If your cat’s pupils are dilated, this is a sign that he is feeling playful. Break out the toys and have a play date with your cat. He will love it.

34) Direct Eye Contact

This is an unfailing sign of trust. In the wild, eye contact can be a sign of aggression. Most animals fear that eye contact with a human means the person will attack. So if your cat is looking you straight in the eyes, he trusts you with his life.

35) Slow Blinking

This is a sign that your cat feels calm and comfortable…and maybe a little sleepy. Slow blinks are like a cue for cuddles. If you have the time, show your cat some love.

36) Poking Your Leg

Occasionally your cat may poke your leg with a wet nose. Don’t think this is gross – it is a way of showing you love. Cats will only touch their noses to their owners when they feel totally safe.

37) Licking

This is a sign of affection that goes beyond being grateful that you have provided a home for your cat. When a cat licks you, it means he thinks of you as part of the family. Revel in the moment.

38) Biting Your Hair

This one will definitely seem odd, but in your cat’s mind he is cleaning you. Cats groom themselves with their tongues, so when they bite or lick your hair they are trying to give you a bath.

39) Raised Nose

Cats will raise their noses slightly when other animals walk by. This is a way of acknowledging the other animals’ presence and proving that the cat is on guard. Cats often feel the need to fend for themselves when they are surrounded by other animals.

40) Flattened Ears

This is a cat’s way of displaying worry. Your cat may be in distress, but that isn’t always the case. Cats also flatten their ears as a reaction to new smells.

41) Mixed Noises

Your cat will make mixed noises – like purrs and meows – when he is demanding something. When you hear this combination of sounds, make sure your cat has enough food and water. If there is something else he needs to feel secure, be sure to check on that too.

42) Rub Against You

You might notice your cat rubbing against you in the same way it would furniture. This is because its intentions for both are the same. Your cat is marking you by getting its scent all over you. It wants everyone to know whose human you are.ADVERTISEMENT

43) Lingering

If your cat isn’t the affectionate type, he may want to show you love by simply being where you are. Your cat is physically there for you, and that is how he shares his love.

44) Closed Eyes

In the wild, closing one’s eyes will leave an animal completely exposed. If your cat closes his eyes around you often, it means he trusts you.

45) Tail Wrapping

If your cat is wrapping his tail around your legs, this is a definite sign of affection. Similar to rubbing up against you, your cat is marking you by getting his scent all over you.

46) Licking Themselves

Cats might lick their fur as a way of controlling their body’s temperature. The tongue can help to distribute natural oils found on the cat’s skin. These oils might be insulating or cooling, allowing your cat to remain at its optimal temperature.

47) Hunting

Cats actually have lives of their own, and they like to follow a certain route on their daily hunt. Cats are much more in touch with their wild nature than humans are, and they instinctively hunt even if their human gives them all the food they could ever want.

48) Burying Poop

This actually isn’t the product of good manners. As hunters, cats hate to leave their scent in case a bigger animal is near. They will cover their poop to block the smell, protecting themselves from being preyed on.

49) Licking Wounds

Like other animals, cats like to lick their wounds to heal them. Their saliva contains enzymes that allow them to control blood cell activity and clotting, so licking a wound will help it to scab over faster.

50) Knocking Things Over

This is definitely the worst habit that cats have. There are a few reasons why your cat might love knocking over your favorite objects. Perhaps he is upset that you are not giving him enough attention, or maybe he’s practicing his hunting skills.

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