Another 23 Photos That Prove Huskies Are The Strangest Dogs Ever

01. This hot husky

This silly husky would do anything to cool down – even if it means almost getting his fur caught in the fan. Judging by the look on his face, I’d say he thinks the risk is worth it. What a weirdo.

02. Look what I did

Are you proud of me? Are you?? Excavating that planter wasn’t easy… I think I deserve a reward!

03. Love you!

This husky puppy cannot show his dad enough love. It’s just too adorable. Huskies are the best.

04. Just, no

This husky couldn’t possibly frown any harder. His eyes have almost been reduced to little lines. Whatever you did to make him this angry, you had better stop.

05. Pick me! Pick me!

This box of husky puppies is so amazing. They are all clamoring for attention! The ones in front are HILARIOUS!

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