12 Photos That Prove Huskies Are The Strangest Dogs Ever

Huskies are adorable. From puppies to adults, they are just so darn lovable. They are also intelligent, sweet, sassy, and… weird!

These dogs do some pretty unexplainable things, earning themselves the title of bizarre in the animal world.

If you don’t believe me, see for yourself. These 35 hilarious photos prove that huskies are the strangest dogs ever.

1. What species am I?

Meet the husky who thinks he is a cat. His owners just can’t get enough of his crazy antics. He even hides in boxes!

2. Cool for the summer

This husky is ready for the warm weather. He has his sunglasses, and he’s all set for an adventure. Why is he so chill?!

3. Cool car husky

This husky is the king of car rides. He’s not like your ordinary dog who gets nervous – he doesn’t even need to stick his head out the window. He just sits back and cruises.

4. All cozied up for the winter

This husky pup is so cute in his blue beanie. You would think that with all that fur they would have an easy time staying warm, but even huskies can get cold. He just looks so adorable!

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