10 Simple Ways To Raise A Confident Cat

Cats are territorial creatures of habit. They crave dependability, familiarity, and knowing that the boundaries to their homes are safe and secure. A cat who isn’t confident may be withdrawn, aggressive, or display other behavioral problems like inappropriate scratching or spraying. Here are 11 simple ways to provide the tools your furry friend needs to be a confident and secure cat.

#1 – Address behavior issues consistently
In order to feel confident in her environment and in her relationship with you, your cat will need to be able to reasonably predict the outcome of her behaviors and actions. That means you’ll have to be consistent in the way you deal with behaviors such as her jumping on the kitchen counter or scratching the side of the couch. Pick your battles and stay consistent with your reactions. If you want your cat to stay off the kitchen counters, for instance, you’ll need to discourage the behavior every time, not just when you are chopping vegetables for dinner. Your cat won’t understand the difference between that time and any other time you allow her to be up there.

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